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You can harvest after 5 to 10 years (depending on climatic and growing conditions) and bring in a significantly higher gross margin than with conventional crops. In a nutshell, that is the economic rationale behind commercial timber cultivation. And it has long been a profitable income of farmers in southern Europe.

With Kiri (Paulownia), the fastest-growing tree in the world, it can be considerably more cost-effictive than growing Poplar or Teak – even in moderate latitudes. Because at WeGrow, we have developed our own Kiri varieties that are very well adapted to diverse climatic conditions.

Farming Partnership

From an order quantity of 1000 young plants or more, we offer you as usual our exclusive WeGrow Farming Partnership.
As a Farming Partner you benefit from our 12 years of know-how, our calculation, farming and growing advice as well as our wood repurchase guarantee.

Benefits of a Farming Partnership with WeGrow

Services included

  • Evaluation of the potential cultivation site with analysis of the soil samples for the cultivation of your suitable variety
  • Purchase of our hybrid varieties with uniquely high planting material quality, protected by variety rights
  • Offer of a wood buy-back contract
  • Provision of our cultivation protocol to support your individual planning
  • Support with the formalities of the import procedure
  • Professional organization of your young plants’ delivery
  • Support until the plants are established
  • Participation in online workshops with our cultivation experts
  • Live online workshops for individual online advice from our agricultural engineers

Additional services

  • Preparation of a phytosanitary certificate
  • Fast transport with our logistic partners
  • Cultivation seminars at the WeGrow location in Spain
  • Individual advice, project support and targeted assistance at your site by our agricultural and forestry advidors

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Create your own success story with us

To demonstrate that Kiri (Paulownia) can be successfully cultivated in Europe, take our own story, for example: WeGrow is by now one of the leading Kiri growers in Europe with 12 company-owned plantation sites in Germany and Spain, containing over 370,000 trees from our hybrid varieties.

The contribution margin for sustainable cultivation of fast-growing Kiri wood is significantly higher than for most agricultural crops.

And the basis for this, in addition to the rapid growth of the plants, is the booming market for light and easily processable woods. Whether as plywood for the interior fittings of caravans, motorhomes and passenger ships, or as laminated woodpanels in furniture production – sustainable wood-based materials are in demand like never before!

Your partner for success with Kiri: WeGrow

Since 2010, we have only grown our proprietary Kiri varieties for ourselves. But as an exciting first for us, we are opening our doors for the 2021 growing season and now provide a longterm Farming Partnership to a limited number of farmers and other interested parties. Now you can more easily start commercial timber production, profit from the outstanding wood yield, and benefit from the especially straight growth characteristics of our Kiri varieties!

As a plantation operator and timber producer, we have gathered 8 years of know-how in Kiri-tree cultivation and the best connections within the many purchasing industries. We are happy to share these trade benefits with you as part of our Farming Partnership. Beyond the sale of young plants, we can also provide you with extensive advice on site selection, cultivation techniques and care. After the harvest, we sell or buy your produced timber for the best price for you!

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If you would like to know more about how you can become a WeGrow’s Farming Partner with our Kiri varieties and how to benefit from the expanding timber market, we would be happy to advise you personally.

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Currently we supply the following countries:

  • Armenia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Chile
  • Costa Rica
  • Europe (all countries)
  • Georgia
  • Ghana
  • India
  • Lesotho
  • Lebanon
  • Namibia
  • South Africa
  • Swaziland
  • Togo
  • Turkey
  • United Kingdom
  • Uganda
  • Uruguay
  • USA


Our varieties


The proven classic for colder climates

The genetic influence of Paulownia tomentosa gives this hybrid a particularly high frost resistance and wide location tolerance. The cross-partner Paulownia fortunei is what delivers the straight and homogeneous stem growth of this variety. We recommend a planting scheme of 5 m x 3 m (660 plants/ ha).

In order to achieve the highest wood qualities, we recommend a technical cut in the second year of cultivation. It achieves very high and reliable yields even in warm regions. It is frost-hardy, depending on age, crop management, weather conditions and exposure down to -22°C.

CPVO variety protection number: EU 47334®

Phoenix One®

Our favourite for warm growing regions

This cross between Paulownia elongata and Paulownia fortunei is our fastest-growing hybrid. It is characterised by its rapid and powerful trunk growth and its narrow and compact crown, which allows a planting density of 825 trees/ha (4m x 3m). Its thick fleshy leaves and compact growth also allow cultivation in more windy locations.

CPVO variety protection number: EU 39980®


Extremely fast-growing, straight trunk, for a warm and cooler climate

A characteristic of our latest breeding variety is the extremely fast growth in height and its very straight and homogeneous stem growth. This cross between Paulownia catalpifolia and Paulownia fortunei hardly forms any side branches in the first year of cultivation. This reduces the maintenance effort, and it significantly increases profitability. We recommend cultivation in more sheltered locations in a planting scheme of 5 m x 3 m (660 plants/ ha). Further characteristics: heavy hair-coated leaves and leaf stems. Technical cut is not necessary.

CPVO variety protection number: EU 54916

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