WeGrow has over 7 years of experience in planting and managing Kiri plantations in Germany and Spain. The WeGrow Group is now responsible for an order volume worth over EUR 20 million. The Group is composed of two Kiri cultivation projects in Germany (KiriFonds Deutschland and KiriFonds II Deutschland) as well as KiriFonds III Spanien and KiriFarm Spanien, and further cultivatable areas in Spain. Additionally, WeGrow manages its own Kiri tree plots in Spain and has planted around ¼ million Kiri trees for itself and its clients.

WeGrow in Germany

KiriFonds Deutschland and KiriFonds II Deutschland are run by the agricultural subsidiary of the WeGrow Group, WeGrow Bewirtschaftungs GmbH:

  • 7 plantation sites established in Germany (Ladenburg, Bonn, Kempen, Wismar, Rostock, Kröpelin, Reinstorf)
  • 200 hectares of land under cultivation
  • About 150,000 Kiri trees planted
  • 2 facilities set up for plantation management in Tönisvorst and Güstrow

Kiri-Tree Plantation in Ladenburg, Germany

Permanent Establishment in Güstrow, Germany

Kiri-Tree Plantation, Bonn, Germany

Permanent Establishment in Tönisvorst, Germany

Kiri-Tree Plantation, Ladenburg, Germany

Care works on a Kiri-Tree Plantation

WeGrow in Spain

The first 70,000 Kiri trees of PhoenixOne® for KiriFarm Spanien have already been planted.

KiriFonds III Spanien and the KiriFarm Spanien, are run by WeGrow Bewirtschaftungs GmbH and its Spanish subsidiary, WeGrow AgriTec S.L.:

  • About 220,000 trees have been planted in Spain
  • 5 Kiri tree sites established with a total area of over 150 hectares (Finca La Portella, Finca Serranillos, Finca Talavera-1, Finca Talavera-2 and Finca Talavera-4)
  • On all the fincas, droplet irrigation systems for reliable water supply to the plantations have been installed
  • Two tree nurseries (viveros) created
  • A plantation management facility in Talavera (near Madrid) set up along with functioning site infrastructure

Finca La Portella

Finca Talavera-1

Permanent Establishment in Tönisvorst, Germany

Finca Seranillos

Finca Talavera-2

Nursery of KiriFarm Spanien