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The Kiri tree is widely considered to be the fastest growing tree in the world. In just one year, the tree can grow over 5 metres in height. Its cultivation for sustainable wood production has been our passion since 2009. Since then, we have planted over ¼ million trees in more than 35 plantations in Germany and Spain. Today the WeGrow group of companies is regarded as a market-leader in Europe, and one of the world's leading specialists in sustainable Kiri tree cultivation.

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Coming soon


Shortly, we will start selling young plants in Europe to give interested parties the opportunity to buy our exclusively trademarked young kiri-trees for cultivation. The order process is being established at the moment and CropTec's team is looking forward to the long planned expansion stage!

In the near future you will get further information - Visit us again soon!

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TOP Magazin Niederrhein


In the third issue of TOP Magazin Niederrhein, journalist Mark Saxer writes about our company and kiri trees. (German only)

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